Disney Beach Towel - Merchandise

Disney Beach Towel

Disneyland Resort Beach Towel

Location: Downtown Disney
Store: Disney Home

When I saw this towel online I was so obsessed but I was holding back because I wasn't sure if I really needed a towel but then I saw it again in person and I just went ahead and made the purchase!

The towel is not thick, I'd say it's thin but I really love the design. I used it after I went swimming the other day and it dried me off. I must admit, it would be nice if it was thicker but the design won me over. It's 100% cotton and 34" Width x 63 1/2" Length. Wraps comfortably around my body.

Shop Disney also has another version Walt Disney World Beach Towel!

Ack so cute! Towels are $26.99, the price is not bad at all.

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  • Cute and practical. I love this print for Disneyland, the retro style works well for the original park’s classic feel and I love how it’s between piers so there’s no pixar pier on it but no paradise pier either which captures a unique time in Disneyland’s history.


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