DIY Tutorial for Nightmare Before Christmas Mouse Hat

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Mouse Hat

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.. Sorry I had to!

Halloween is coming and I am excited to for all the costumes and projects everyone comes up with. For us Disney explorers when we think of Halloween I think most of us think about Nightmare Before Christmas, well at least I do. It’s such a classic I had to make a DIY tutorial mouse hat for you. It’s easy and it's fun to make! After creating this Jack Skellington inspiration design you’ll want to make your own mouse hat design.


(Photographed are items I've used for this project)


  • Scissors (craft and sewing)
  • White Sharpie Paint Pen (Water Based Pen) or White Puffy Paint
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Black Adult Mouse Hat - From Disney
  • Printer & Paper
  • Pencil
  • White Soft Felt
  • Black Glitter Foam or Black Stiffened Felt
  • Black Paper or Black Stiffened Felt
  • Optional: Glow in the dark puffy paint (for the ear design)

Note: Black Stiffened Felt is optional but I used it in this tutorial because I had it in hand. You can find individual sheets at Joanns.

The 12 pack is available here.

world-of-disney-downtown-disney MickeyMouseHats

You can purchase a Disney Mouse hat online or if you’re at Downtown Disney the World of Disney has a whole selection of hats! These hats can also be found anywhere at the Disney parks.


Also I’m excited to see the grand reveal of World of Disney!

Okay, let's get to it!

remove-ears-from-mousehat remove-mouse-ears

Step 1. Remove Ears from the Disney Hat

Removing the ears from the hat is easy. We just have to wrestle with it a bit. The ears are attached to the hat with a small ring like button. If you angle the ring and use a little bit of force, the ears will come out of the hole in the hat. To put the ears back into the hat we push it back inside the hole. If you struggle putting the ears back into the hat then another option is to glue them on.

Draw on mouse ears mouse ears jack skellington

jack skellington mouse ears

Step 2. Trace Jack’s Face

We’re starting with the ears so we can work on the rest of the hat while the ears take time to dry (may take up to a few hours or overnight to completely dry). Use a pencil to trace the eyes so we can put the glow in the dark puffy paint over the pencil trace. Here I cut out the eyes to get the exact trace. For the nose and mouth I used the template to help guide me where to draw on the ears. One of the ears should be right side up with the template and the other should be the opposite. 

If you’re not used to using puffy paint I suggest practicing on a piece of paper. Slowly squeeze the tube to get the paint to come out. During this process don’t forget to make sure that the paint is at the tip of the tube so you don’t get air bubbles when you squeeze the paint out (like a ketchup bottle!). Now put it aside and let it dry.

peel patch on mouse hat

Step 3. Remove Patch from Hat & Cut Materials

Luckily for us the patch wasn’t sewed onto the hat. Simply pull the patch off of the hat. Don’t worry, you won’t ruin the hat. Put the patch aside and save the patch for another project like sewing it onto your backpack or jacket, it’s super cute!

  1. White Shape - Cut with white felt.
  2. Black Shapes - Cut with black glitter foam sheet.

The black glitter foam sheet has a sticky back. Trace the black templates on the back of the foam sheet. You will be cutting 5 shapes, the bat’s head, it’s 2 wings and 2 collars. For the wings and collars, trace the shape and then flip it the opposite side to get the mirrored shape.

  1. Now with your black glitter foam shapes and you’ll need to stick them onto black paper or a black stiffened foam sheet. (you won’t need to do this if you found a black glitter foam sheet with no sticky back). Then cut along the shape so it’s black on both sides of the black shapes.

Step 4. Drawing White Lines

If you’re worried about getting the white lines onto the bottom of the ribbon of the hat then you can place the tape over the bottom ribbon.

I used a white sharpie paint pen, this was really easy to do and it dries fast. To make the lines bolder you can trace over the same line. Remember to shake your pen and on a piece of scrap paper push down the pen a couple times for the paint to drip down to the tip.

You can also use white puffy paint but it’ll take about an hour to dry.

When I drew the lines on the hat they connected from the front and back. I also didn’t make them perfectly straight. The only "straight line" was the one in the middle to help guide me for the rest of the lines. Imagine drawing a rainbow but in all white.

Step 5. Jack's Shirt Design

Lay the white fabric of Jack’s shirt and place the black collars on top of the white fabric to get an idea where to line everything. This will cover that white patch mark from removing the Mickey patch. With the white fabric you’ll want to leave space on the bottom so the bottom of the collars has space on the hat, also you’ll want to put the button there. The white fabric may stick out from under the black collars so feel free to trim it so it doesn’t stick out.

On the back of the white fabric, put glue on the top and bottom.

When gluing the black collars you’ll only put glue on the back side of the black collar edge, but do not glue the bottom part of the collar yet. Overlap the collars and trim the “bottom” layered collar if it’s sticking out on the bottom. Then you can glue the bottom part in place.

Step 6. Jack's Bat Bow Tie

Don’t forget Jack’s bat bow tie! Feel free to free cut the bat wings, don’t make it straight, adding curves adds character. Glue the edge of the wings on the back of the bat’s head. With the white fabric, cut out the eye shapes. If you want a guide you can cut the small eyes from the template you can cut it out to help you.

Now let’s glue the head onto the hat. Put glue on the bottom of the bat’s head and place it on the hat. We don't want glue behind the ears or the top of the head. We want the head to semi-float like the wings and collars. Hold the bat on the hat until it dries. Lift the wings and head to see if you need to add anymore glue.

Step 7. Final Touches

If the ears are dry go ahead and pop them back into the hat and glue the white button on the bottom of the collars. When gluing the button make sure you don’t get glue through the holes. Put very little glue on the edges and place it on the hat. You can also use a scrap paper or tooth pick to grab some glue and smudge it onto the button.

TADAAAAAAAA you’re done!

If you had fun making this and want to design your own hat, I’ve provided a PDF file for you to draw your own designs on. This is how I designed the hat when I was thinking about the design. I used the same template but drew the design on my computer. I also searched images for inspiration and I saw a glow in the dark Jack Earrings and thought it would be a good design for the ears on the hat. So look for some inspiration online, you’ll never know what ideas might pop in your head.

Got ideas for your next design? Let us know in the comments, if you enjoyed this tutorial and want another design from us, request it below!

My sketch drawing I did for this project


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