Mouseketeer - Disney Style

disney outfit and zara clothes mickey mouse

This would be like my Mouseketeer outfit but am I allowed to say that this is my favorite outfit right now even though I haven't worn it yet? It's been way too hot to wear this adorable outfit but I can't wait to wear it in the fall and show it off! Actually I think I could get away with the sweater but only at night. It's comfortable and well it's absolutely cute!

I didn't know but I fit in Zara Kids (largest size of course), watch out because I'll be shopping in the kids section now!

Sweater: Zara Kids
Skirt: Forever 21 - Similar Skirts
Purse: Forever 21 - Similar Red Purses
Mouse Hat: Disney Store

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  • Your website is so cute Jaz! I love it. Congrats on all of this. It’s amazing to watch you do all this <3

    Mica Largo

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