Pin Trading Tips and Tricks in August 2018 - Solo Pins

Pin Trading tips and tricks

We're obsessed with pins, but we haven't traded before - we found a pin trading tip and trick you'll love. It was our first time trading and we were excited. Marie, @marietranbeauty, found pins over at California Adventure and she loved the ones she saw. She asked the CM to hold onto the pins while we went to pick up the cheapest pins we could get to trade for the ones she had.

(if you have facebook, join the group and view the video - post will be updated with photos, just wanted to post this before the deal expires!)

Then we saw the "Solo" pins were buy 1 get 1 free. It was such a steal! Disney pins typically run $9.99usd, so getting 2 pins for the price of one was something we couldn't pass up. We ended up picking up some extra Solo pins for our future trading. So if you're interested in pin trading, that's the tip I have for you at the moment.

I haven't seen pins go on sale and we were wondering about it, what we were told were that the pins weren't selling that well so Disney is having this sale. Not sure how long this sale will be but for pin trading, it's worth it!

Are you a pin trader? Collector of pins? I tried to quit but because of this deal I couldn't pass it up!

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