What inspired me to make mouse ears


A while back a few of my instagram followers gave me blog ideas and topics to write about. Some of them had requests and some of them had questions, so let's start with this one question..

@beach_bunnees_baby: @enchantedhoneybee how about what inspired you to make Mickey ears or about how your love for Disney came to be !

It all started with my friend Francis, a fashion blogger, and I were chatting and she requested for a custom order for mouse ears, so we worked together and created floral mouse ears. Wow that was some time ago, 2014. Since then I've been creating floral mouse ears, to crowns to realistic food ears and more. She had a cute photoshoot with the ears for her blog. She looked so adorable! You might know her as "flamcis".





After the mouse ears we decided to make floral crowns that I now call "Enchanted Crowns"! I had so much fun making these accessories I wanted to continue to create them and share it with everyone!



I've always had a love for Disney, I'm not sure when it really started, but my earliest childhood memory would be going to Disneyland with my childhood best friend Nikki. We would go with her family and I had so much fun! I hardly went to the parks.

I remember when I went on the Haunted Mansion I'd close my eyes every time; I was so scared! That reminds me, Nikki and I need to go back as adults!

By the time I was at the age of 25 I only went to Disneyland about 4 or 5 times. It was not enough fun! Then when I had a few friends that worked at Disney, that helped me with getting into the park, I went a little more often and then I finally got my very own pass! I'm on my 2nd year of owning my pass and I am loving it because now I get to go on fun rides, be surrounded by wonderful happy people and I get to blog about it for you guys! 

Now the goal is to go to all the Disney Parks and Resorts. I mean, why not right? Traveling is fun and that seems like a pretty good goal.

So, I made a full list for you guys!

Click here to see the Full List of the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Have you thought about owning your own small business? If it's your dream to do something like this I say give it a try. You don't want to live a life of regrets of "i should have" or "i could have". If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I'll get back to you with an answer.

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